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Steel Bar Grating vs. Fiberglass Grating

If we talk about the use of grating in the industrial, mining and energy sectors, there are two type of surfaces, both have been very common for many years now: Steel Bar Grating and Fiberglass Grating. It is extremely important to know the differences and advantages of each one to choose the correct one according […]

How Grating is made

Electric welding, also known as electro-forged, is a thermoelectric process in which heat is generated by the passage of electric current. For a controlled period of time and under controlled pressure, the current passes through the junction area of the parts that wish to be welded. This process is frequently used to manufacture steel bar […]

The Use of Grating?

The use of grating has increased significantly in construction projects. This is due to its versatility making it perfect for many areas where other types of products would”™ve been considered before. In industrial markets, grating is usually used in platform and industrial floors, as well as on stairs, ramps, storm drains, and among many others. […]

Bar Grating Stair Treads

Commonly known as Stair Treads and mainly used in industrial plants. When a project includes in its structure several levels (floors), stairs normally come out as the best option, also contributing benefits such as an easy installation, low costs, customization according the area and almost a null maintenance. Depending on the project’s purpose Grating Stair Treads […]

Steel Bar Grating Components

During purchasing process is important to consider the quality of the steel bar grating components since this affects directly in its resistance. To supervise quality, we enlisted 3 steps for you. Steel Bar Grating Components Bearing Bar: made from from steel strip. This component is in charge of supporting loads. Cross Bar: thick wire, normally […]

Architectural Louvers

Within the range of architectural products louvers are proposed by architects as structures to hide specific objects, but simultaneously permitting ventilation throughout that covered area. They are used in residential and industrial projects, normally hiding power plants, air conditioners, ducts and other elements. Due to its apparent lightness, louvers are easily integrated to the architectural and […]

Structural Steel Fabrication

Structural Steel is implemented in numerous ways. It´s versatility helps actual contractors to mold structures to the project´s requirements, in addition its high resistance compared to other construction alternatives guarantees the developer an enduring project. Steel Fabrication is divided in two primary categories: Light Steel Structures Heavy Steel Structures Some commonly known light structures are: […]

Steel Bar Grating Finishes

Steel Bar grating is a functional product that has been in the market for decades helping the industry in several ways, such as industrial flooring, catwalks, antiskid flooring in humid plants, among many other uses. Its contemporary look is nowadays attracting architects to use it as an architectural alternative as fence, faÁ§ade, louver, and other […]